Online Regional Information System for Scientific Journals from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal
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Books and other materials

  1. Electronic publishing, virtual libraries and portals for the Social Sciences in Latin America and the Caribbean
    Online and in Archive. (228 Kb)
  2. Guide to scientific publications. (300 Kb)
  3. Edition of scientific journals.  Guide to good practices. (1.8 Mb)
  4. Science Dissemination using Open Access. (6 Mb)
  5. Guide to good practices for open access academic journals. (0.8 Mb)
  6. Book CIRI 2010. (7.44 Mb)
  7. Latindex´s Portal of Portals Technical report. (9.24 Mb)
  8. Memories of the National Congress of Scientific Journals. (5.9 Mb)